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Celebrate Pi Day!

Does today’s date, 3/14 mean anything to you? To mathematicians around the world it means celebrate. Because today is Pi Day.

Remember high school math? The relationship between a circle’s diameter and its circumference.  That’s Pi. 3.14 for short.

Pi possesses many virtues. Pi is irrational. The series of numbers are random, non-repeating and can never be fully realized. Sounds like a bad politician.

If you are wondering what to do to celebrate this holiday designated by the 2009 US House of Representatives as National Pi Day, here are some suggestions:

  1. Organize a fundraising marathon on Pi Day to see who can sign up the most supporters/members. Or raise the most $$$. Use pi as a unit of measure.  For example, $31.85pi = $100. Advertise your competition and results on your website.
  2. Turn your organization’s data and statistics into pie charts. Select information that your organization doesn’t usually chart. Your sources of income. Maybe two pies that can show the change from a few years ago to today. (Pie charts excel at showing proportional relationships at a point in time.)
  3. Convert your age into pi, using 3.14 as a unit of measure. For example, if you, like me are 46 years old your age in pi is only 14.642.
  4. Exercise using Pi as your time – Go on a Pi Mile run. Exercise for 19.108Pi minutes. (1 hour)
  5. Make a pie. Share a pie. Eat a pie

How will you celebrate a day devoted to Pi?

Can’t wait to celebrate Pi Day in 2015 with you— 3.14.15!

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