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GJ Entry #15: Give Thanks to Your Finance Staff

Thanksgiving is the time to be grateful for…

your finance people. That’s right. Finance people deserve your gratitude. On this day. and everyday.

It’s their job to make sure you have the right financial information to make sound decisions about your organization’s health and well-being.

Your finance people may not have the sexiest job on the planet. They may not appear on the frontlines, receive the applause at the awards ceremony or bask in the media spotlight. But I would argue they have one of the most important jobs around.

Keeping the funds available for the program work. Keeping the cash flow flowing. Keeping the books in good order so the IRS can’t find any reason to complain.

If your organization runs out of money even temporarily, you will have to stop working. That means you’ll have to stop opposing the permitting of a big box store in your neighborhood, you’ll have to stop organizing a public hearing demanding more city resources to protect documented and undocumented residents, you’ll have to stop training young activists.

Get up now and thank your finance people. Give them the special recognition they deserve. At the minimum, take them to lunch.

I know I don’t need to remind you to save your receipts. Or to hand your expense reports and timesheets in on time, without making them ask twice. That would be a real sign of gratitude!

Want to publicly thank your finance staff? Express your gratitude in the comments below:

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