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Procedures Manual: Payroll Process

Today’s the day to write the third chapter of your Procedures Manual. Once you answer these simple questions you will have written the first quarter of the manual. Congratulations! Be honest. Haven’t the first two chapters already come in…

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Procedures Manual: Entering & Paying Bills

Today’s the day! The day to complete your second assignment in the fun-filled Let’s Write a Procedures Manual challenge. Last month you answered 4 short questions about making bank deposits. [Click here if you missed last month's entry.] Even though you…

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Celebrate Pi Day!

Does today’s date, 3/14 mean anything to you? To mathematicians around the world it means celebrate. Because today is Pi Day. Remember high school math? The relationship between a circle’s diameter and its circumference.  That’s Pi. 3.14 for short.…

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