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Are you ready for MORE Fun with Financials?

2 Ways to Join Our Club:

Your First Two Weeks Are Free

Whether you sign up for a monthly or annual membership, your first two weeks are included free. You’ll have full access to all member-only content for 14 days. Simply cancel within that time period and you won’t be charged. Click on the “Join Our Club” button below to start your membership.

Monthly Membership – $30 per month

Build your financial muscles. Start your fiscal workouts today and stay for 1 month, 2 months, or as long as you’d like. Get your calculators and spreadsheets ready, set, go… and click on the “Join Our Club” button below to start your monthly subscription.

Yearly Membership – $300 per year

You’re ready to go the distance for the movement. It’s time for a year of Fun with Financials. Cross-train your financial knowledge and exercise your funny bone. Congratulate yourself for already having more fun by choosing a long-term membership strategy (Like buying 10 months and getting 2 months FREE). Click on the “Join Our Club” button below to join now.

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